Xtore MobilRAID storage solution is for pro audio and video creators on the go

Mobile video and audio creation pros have to keep all their work backed up even when on the go and often need more transfer speed than even the best performing mobile workstations can provide. Xtore has announced a new mobile storage solution called the MobilRAID just for this type of user.

Two products are available in the MobilRAID line including the MobilRAID 6Te and the MobilRAID 2Te. Both of the devices have FireWire and USB 2.0 with USB 3.0 version coming soon. The 6Te also has eSATA and offers sustained data transfer rates of up to 240MB/s and integrated RAID 6 data protection.

Both of the units have an LCD screen and the 6Te is SSD ready, but ships with six 2.5-inch WD 500GB HDDs with 2TB of RAID 6 capacity. It sells for $2850 the 2Te supports RAID 0 and 1 with a pair of 3.5-inch WD 1TB HDDs and sells for $985.