Xtensor rehab glove helps with Crackberry thumb and carpal tunnel

James Allan Brady - Feb 6, 2008, 12:46 pm CST

You know those little grip strengthening things that you likely see around the gym where you have to squeeze really hard to bring the two halves closer together? Well this is more or less the exact opposite of that and its supposed to help with your joint pain and such in your hand.

Basically if you’ve been gaming all day, typing all day at the office, or using your Crackberry non-stop you throw this thing on and do some exercises with it and it helps prevent long term damage like Carpal Tunnel, or if you are already afflicted with such a problem, it helps alleviate the pain and stress. When you put it on, it has your hand more or less in a fist then you just stretch your fingers out against the force of the strings.

Its 40 dollars, but it doesn’t just alleviate pain and tension, it also builds muscles so you can keep on keeping on longer each day, which if you are getting into professional gaming any time might be nifty. I can’t say whether it works or not, but it looks kind of cool.

[via dvice]

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