XPUZMAG is the rubik's cube of door locks

The nature of home security is evolving, and door locks with it. We've seen all varieties of alternative ways to secure your home — some that drop the "key" component entirely, others that promise better security by rising from the ground. A company is Taiwan has come up with its own design, and it is the Rubik's cube of door locks: the XPUZMAG looks like a shower drain and promises to be incredibly hard to pick, unlike traditional key locks commonly in use in homes and businesses.

The XPUZMAG is a circular door lock that features a rotating grid of circles above a base that features matching circles with pins. Some of the pins are dummy units designed to foil would-be lock picks; others are the ones that secure the lock.

In order to use the lock, a plastic key featuring an assortment of metal pegs is lined up with a guiding rod that fits the pegs into the right slots. The key is pressed in, then, depressing the pins and allowing the user to rotate the inner ring, unlocking the unit.

The design makes it incredibly difficult for someone to pick the lock. Even if a dummy key is made, the need to apply pressure means depressing pins that might not be the right one, making it hard to bump the right pins into place without pressing in a dummy pin that will block the lock. As an added bonus, keys can't be duplicated (easily, at least) and can only be ordered from the manufacturer.

SOURCE: Digg, Keypicking