XpanD X103 active 3D glasses spied at CES

Shane McGlaun - Jan 11, 2010
XpanD X103 active 3D glasses spied at CES

One of the categories that made the most headlines at CES this year was 3D technology. There were all sorts of 3D announcements from new hardware to new 3D stations debuting for those ready for 3D at home to enjoy.

XpanD is a maker of active shutter 3D glasses and at the show, the company unveiled its X103 active shutter glasses. The glasses are designed to work with just about any 3D ready display or projector including computers according to the maker.

The glasses use a pi-cell to block each eye alternatively with very fast switching. The glasses allow for a wide field of view and a flicker free 3D experience. The glasses also come in different styles and colors and can be ordered with prescription lenses. Pricing and availability are unknown.

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