XP Vehicles extends EV driving range indefinitely with EV Range plus Energy Device

The big drawback to electric vehicles on the market today is that at best you can drive around 100 miles in your average EV. That means that anything requiring more driving like a road trips just won't work for the electric vehicle without having to stop for hours and hours to recharge.

A company called XP Vehicles has announced a new system for its EV that will allow the driver to go as far as they want. The new system isn't a battery pack that charges in a different manner than other batteries on the market, but a system for allowing the driver to exchange the battery cartridges as they travel. The EV Range Plus energy device is a battery in a cartridge that can be easily replaced.

The driver going on a trip would be able to replace the battery pack in their vehicle in several ways. Any gas station or business that has one of the firm's chargers could just swap the battery for the vehicle. The driver can also get the battery packs shipped out to a location directly to a UPS store or FedEx location. They could then swap the old battery for a new one and continue on their way. A GPS system will also route the driver to a location for battery exchange. This is an interesting concept that would make a lot of sense, if the company can get the infrastructure in place.