XO DS Lite Case

Abby McVay - Dec 10, 2007

It would seem Etsy is full of surprises, this chic DS case is far from the cute handmade products we’ve all become accustomed to seeing on Etsy. Either way this XO DS Lite Case is chic enough to blend into even a professional environment.

If anyone in the office asks you what it is, just try to mumble a lot and pass it off as an electronic dictionary. I’m sure you’d see a few jaws drop when you’re dressed up in elegant attire and whip out your DS sneakily concealed in this deceptive case.

The XO Works is a fairly new company based out of Australia, they have a mere three products for sale right now. However, although it is a new company the quality is that of a more developed one. The DS Lite case is being sold for $21.50, they also have a site outside of Etsy which you can check out here.

Elegant DS Lite Case for the Nicole Kidmans of the World
[via hawtymcbloggy]

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