XM – Sirius Merger May Bring About Choice

James Allan Brady - Jul 25, 2007

Which is always good right? Apparently the deal is $6.95 per month for the first 50 channels of your choosing from one provider. From there it goes up to $14.95, but you get to choose up to 100 channels from either provider.

It is also looking like current receivers from either provider will be offering up both their initial provider’s channels and a few from the other company. So, for example, Sirius receivers should be able to play a few of XM’s channels after the merger. But receivers released after the merger should be able to play the full line from both providers.

I know the National Association of Broadcasters has been shedding a negative light on the whole matter, saying it’s bad for the consumer. But I think these concerns were echoed in the FCC meetings and has been the cause for plans for such a reasonable deal. Is $6.95 plus the initial hardware cost worth never having to hear a commercial on the radio again? I think so.

A la carte ordering coming to XM/Sirius [via autoblog]

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