Xiaomi 200W HyperCharge won't be coming until next year

Chinese smartphone makers seem to have engaged in their own race to have the fastest charging technology in the consumer market. Although OPPO may have started it all, Xiaomi tried to widen the gap with its insane 200W charging technology. Of course, that doesn't come without costs, but Xiaomi may have plenty of time if it doesn't plan on actually putting this 200W HyperCharge technology into production until next year.

In the absence of huge advancements in smartphone technology, manufacturers have opted to instead aim for faster charging rates. Many high-end smartphones these days already offer fast charging at 65W, but OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi are pushing the envelope to go beyond three-digit output.

Last May, Xiaomi outdid itself with a display of literal power in the form of its HyperCharge tech. With 200W wired charging, a phone with a 4,000 mAh battery goes from zero to 100% in just 8 minutes. Equally impressive is 120W wireless charging that only takes 15 minutes to fully charge the same phone.

MyDrivers now reports that tech bloggers in China are leaking Xiaomi's plans for this frighteningly impressive piece of technology. HyperCharge will go into production around June 2022, they claim, with the goal of being available for the Xiaomi Mi 12 series, most likely the Mi 12 Ultra. That's a year-long wait, but it might exactly be what Xiaomi needs.

Despite the impressive power of this HyperCharge technology, it comes at a great cost. It has been revealed that a battery's life can be reduced by 20% in just two year's worth of 800 charging cycles, significantly faster than any current smartphone in the market. Xiaomi will hopefully spend the next months optimizing its charging technology to reduce the damage it will inflict on batteries.