Xiaomi 100W fast charging might actually be ready next month

It was actually the first to boast of a charging technology that actually reached 100 watts without frying a smartphone to a crisp. So when its rivals OPPO and Vivo's iQOO started teasing or hinting at 125W and 120W charging, respectively, it was really only a matter of time before we heard anything from Xiaomi. It's still unofficial, of course, but it seems that Xiaomi's 100W super-fast charging tech is finally ready for prime time next month.

It wouldn't be until later in 2019 that OPPO would announce its 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 so when Xiaomi showed off its 100W in March last year, it was nothing short of revolutionary. It charged a phone with a 4,000 mAh battery to full in just 17 minutes, something no one has even come close to today.

Part of that reason, Xiaomi admitted last February, is that the technology is still not ready for use in the wild. Charging speed is just one consideration but other factors like battery capacity loss and safety are perhaps even more important. Xiaomi and its peers may have finally figured those out because insane fast charging speeds are promised to arrive starting next month.

A post on Weibo claims that Xiaomi's 100W fast charging already entered production at Foxconn last month. If so, we can probably expect word of it soon and a phone boasting the feature as early as August. OPPO and spinoff company Realme are expected to make a big splash about that this week.

Curiously, the same post mentions that Xiaomi also has a fast wireless charging technology ready within that timeframe. The company has been less forthcoming about that but it's entirely within the realm of possibility. Given how trickier wireless charging is in comparison, it would be too much to expect something as outlandish as this 100W wired charging.