XFX stolen video card is actually a clever marketing ploy

There have been stories and posts running rampant over the last week or so online after word leaked out that one of the new and cool XFX HD 5970 Black Edition Limited video cards had turned up online for sale. As the story went, the video card was one of 1000 made with an individual serial number.

According to the story number 68 had gone missing from the factory and turned up on eBay for sale. The story made its way around the web and landed on forums and a bunch of tech websites with warnings to not buy the video card.

XFX issued the email you see in the image above yesterday, still sticking to the story. If you happen to click on the little here link under the photo you are sent to a page on the Urban Dictionary website that reads:An advertising campaign cleverly disguised within a classic gaming plot scenario. Advertising that entertains as if the viewer is in middle of an actual game.

"I know that this video series is total gamertainment, but it should be a real freakin' game, it's that good."

It would have been better if the link lead to a nice big picture of Rick Astley, then we could have lol'ed in unison at all the people that were rickrolled. In fact if you fell for this, click this link and take your punishment like a man (or woman).