XFX Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition Limited now available to purchase

XFX has been peddling some very cool video cards for years. The company was traditionally a NVIDIA branded partner and then moved into selling ATI branded video cards as well. The latest ATI card to come from XFX is an awesomely cool offering called the HD 5970 Black Edition Limited.

The new card has 4GB of RAM and comes in what may be the most awesome box ever. That awesome box is shaped like a P90 assault rifle and comes in a carry case. The card has six mini display port outputs and comes with a number of adapters that let the gamer adapt those six ports to different output options.

XFX claims that the card is the fastest dual GPU video card on the market and it has a dual slot heat sink to keep it running nice and cool. The special edition video card will be sold exclusively through Newegg and the faint of heart and thin of wallet need not apply. The card will set you back $1199.99.