XFX debuts new triple display stand for gamers

When I hear the name XFX, I always think of video cards first. The company is still in the video card market, though it has moved from NVIDIA cards to AMD over the years. XFX has a line of other gear for gamers too that has nothing to do with cards for inside your machine. The latest accessory from XFX is a big monitor stand that will hold three screens and is perfect for the gamer wanting to get AMD Eyefinity gaming action loaded up.

The new stand is called the Triple Display Monitor Stand and as the name implies it will hold three screens at one time. The largest screens that the stand can hold are 24-inch offerings and they can each be adjusted manually for height, angle and rotation. The stand uses a single base to make for more desk space and the individual rotation adjustment means that each monitor can be turned to suit your needs.

The stand has two USB ports built-in along with ports for your headphones and external mic. It has integrated cable management and the mounting brackets are adjustable. The monitor holders are standard VESA brackets and should work with just about any screen out there. You can buy the stand now for $389.99 at major online stores like Amazon and Newegg.