XFX announces Deus Ex Human Revolution Radeon video card bundles

Years ago I really, really liked the first Deus Ex video game, it was one of the first shooter style games that I really go into. I have been waiting with anticipation for the next installment in the franchise to land. The new game is called Deus Ex Human Revolution and should be cool. From what I have seen of the graphics in the game, if your computer is older you might miss some of the cool effects.

I think this will be one of those games that gets people to upgrade their computers. If you need a new video card to get ready for the game XFX has announced that it will be bundling a full version of the game with certain video cards. You can buy the Radeon HD6850, HD6870, or the HD6890 video cards from participating retailers and get the Dues Ex title free with purchase.

The retailers participating include TigerDirect, Newegg, NCIX, Frys.com, and Amazon.com. If you aren't familiar with the video game you can check out the trailer below. This is a good chance to get a very cool video card and the game for free.