Xfinity Mobile goes nationwide this week

Eric Abent - Aug 17, 2017, 12:36 pm CDT
Xfinity Mobile goes nationwide this week

After launching on a limited scale back in May, Comcast is ready to roll out its Xfinity Mobile service nationwide. Today Comcast announced that Xfinity Mobile is available in all of Comcast’s service areas, bringing it online in rather large swathes across the country. Xfinity Mobile, as some of you already know, is a service billed as a less expensive and more flexible cellular option for folks who are existing Xfinity Internet subscribers.

If you do have Xfinity Internet, you can sign up for Xfinity Mobile beginning today and choose one of two plans for your line. The first will get you “unlimited” data for $45 per month, per line. As always, the word “unlimited” is in quotes because Comcast says it will slow your speeds once you reach 20GB of usage for the month.

If you don’t think you’ll need unlimited data, you can instead sign up for an Xfinity Mobile plan that charges you by the gigabyte. With this plan, you’ll pay $12 for each gigabyte you use, so this is the better choice for people who don’t use a lot of data each month.

You can have a total of five lines on your Xfinity Mobile account, and those lines don’t need to be on the same plan. In fact, Comcast says that 25% of Xfinity Mobile accounts have at least one line on each plan. Beyond that, you can switch between the two plans as you see fit, so if you begin the month paying for each gigabyte you use and decide that your usage would better suit the unlimited plan, you’re free to switch without any fees.

Furthermore, there aren’t any line fees for Xfinity Mobile service, so it’s already got one up on the big carriers here in the US. All in all, it sounds like Xfinity Mobile’s plans are pretty solid, assuming you’re already an Xfinity subscriber. At the moment, service is limited to the iPhone SE and up, the Galaxy S7 and up, and the LG X Charge, though we should see more compatible phones come online shortly. You can head over to Xfinity Mobile’s website to get started with this service.

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