Xcom remake faces massive delay

2K Games announced yesterday that its anticipated game Xcom: Enemy Unknown, a re-envisioningĀ of the 1994 classic X-Com: UFO Defense, would be released this October. However, in that same day, the company made a huge about-face and said the title would be delayed. And we're not just talking about a couple months here. We might even be talking about a couple years. And it all hinges on the company's financial situation.

The title is being developed by Firaxis Games, and will use a turn-based combat system where players command a squad of soldiers in battle. The game is being developed for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Although the title will have roots in the legacy X-Com mythos, 2K Games admits that the audience of gamers who will appreciate that is limited, so it will also be a worthwhile adventure for anyone who just appreciates sci-fi strategy games.

In other words, the game has a very defined vision and seemed to be almost ready for prime time. But then came the kicker. Later in the day yesterday, the publisher gave its earnings report, during which parent company Take-Two said, "2K Games now expects to release Xcom, its shooter version of the franchise that is in development at 2K Marin, during fiscal year 2014." Take-Two blamed its poor financial performance as the source of the delay.

[via GameRant]