XCM Dominator arcade style joystick for PS3

If your anything like me then arcade sticks are the only way to play your favorite fighting games. Luckily for PS3 owners there is a new arcade style joystick available.  This is kind of odd as the mainstream video games have turned to first person shooters and the PS3 doesn't not have many fighting titles to begin with.The XCM Dominator has a joystick and a set of 10 buttons in two lines. This arcade stick help gamers who find move execution particularly hard on the standard gaming controller. Many moves require 4 to 8 different button combinations timed in order to execute a single move.

You can also program special buttons that are needed to pull of special moves or finishing attacks. The two very special features that the XCM Dominator has are the Combo Attacker and Independent Raid Fire. Independent Rapid Fire allows you to cheat by simulating the rapid pressing of a button without actually pressing it rapidly. There is no word on pricing, but the XCM Dominator will be available at TotalConsole.com and TotalConsole.cn.