Xbox Video arrives on Windows Phone 8

Chris Burns - Dec 18, 2013
Xbox Video arrives on Windows Phone 8

Microsoft’s video-selling kingdom has arrived in Xbox form for their mobile devices in the Windows Phone 8 Xbox Video app. This app takes on all the abilities of the Xbox One’s Xbox Video app, delivering you access to your account on the go. This app allows you to both buy and watch videos on your smartphone, adding these videos to your account that you can then watch on your Xbox One as well.

This app works with Windows Phone 8 and above, working with features like Season Pass for television shows. With Season Pass, users will be delivered each new episode of their favorite show as they are made available to Microsoft, the whole season long. This feature adds to the app’s ability to allow users purchase single-shot shows as well.

You’ll also find the ability to work with the Xbox 360 and Xbox SmartGlass as well. With Xbox Smartglass, abilities are unlocked with bonus and exclusive extra content, remote control included.

Xbox Video is an ever-expanding ecosystem which includes many of today’s biggest titles as well as a selection of classics. A Christmas Story is there right alongside The Lone Ranger and Dispicable Me 2. Have a peek at Rise of The Planet of The Apes before you see the next film in 2014 and make with the entire series watching with Futurama’s full 10 seasons.

This app is available to Windows Phone 8 users right this minute and connects with the same account you’ll have been using with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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