Xbox update finally fixes one Xbox Wireless Controller issue

Already arriving late, the Xbox Series X|S, just like its PlayStation 5 peer, faced supply shortages immediately upon launch. That, however, wouldn't be the only problem Microsoft's next-gen console faced, as the new Wireless Controller that was made especially for it exhibited problems that ruined the experience for many gamers. Microsoft acknowledged these issues and promised a fix, one of which was apparently included in the Xbox's March system update.

The new Xbox Wireless Controller changed some things inside and out, though none of those would seem to warrant the issues that users have been reporting. Those problems range from sudden disconnection between the controller and the console to some buttons suddenly becoming unresponsive.

Microsoft acknowledged both reports and promised to fix them. All that was left was actually waiting for word when those fixes would arrive. According to Jason Ronald, Director of Program Management for the Xbox Series X, that fix was actually included in the March update for the console that was announced just a few days ago.

Actually, he only mentions the disconnection problem as having been addressed and not the unresponsive buttons. It remains to be seen if it actually fixes those problems for affected gamers but we might not hear about those until a few days later. Amusingly, the blog post announcing the update doesn't even mention that important detail.

The March Update is, instead, focused on Xbox Wireless Headset support that will be coming alongside the accessory's launch on March 16. It also brings toggles for Auto HDR and FPS Boost, allowing gamers to choose their optimization or none at all, depending on the game they're playing. Other new features include the return of Achievements to the Xbox mobile app and the departure of OneGuide's TV Listings on the Xbox One.