Xbox update: 1810 Preview released with Dolby Vision streaming support

Inside the latest Xbox One update (preview edition) is a whole bunch of bits and pieces you're going to want to get a handle on. This update brings about Dolby Vision Video Streaming – that's a first. With this update, Dolby Vision video streaming brings HDR "up a notch" with systems such as Netflix Premium – you'll need a premium subscription for that, but still.

This update brings on the Dolby Vision video streaming support for those users with televisions with the latest version of Dolby Vision – that means you'll need an update on your television's side, too. "Dolby Vision video streaming support across Xbox One S and Xbox One X! Dolby Vision enables select TVs to take HDR up a notch with scene-by-scene precision and accuracy versus standard HDR which uses one setting for the entire movie/show you are watching," said Bradley Rossetti, Xbox Insider Team Lead. "If you have a TV that supports the latest version of Dolby Vision and a Premium Netflix subscription jump in and experience Dolby Vision for yourself in the coming weeks!"

There's a new Search feature in this update that allows users to search for "ready to Install" or otherwise games already owned. This system now includes games "you currently own as part of your memberships." This includes Game Pass EA Access, and other systems yet to be named.

Also in the update the first appearance of Avatars on the Dashboard. Beta Xbox Avatar Editor first opened to Xbox Insiders a few weeks ago. Those that participated in that system – or choose to do so in the near future – had or will have the option to see Avatars on their dashboard. Just in case you wanted to see yourself waving to yourself, you can do that now.

The last big feature update for this update is Narrator on Xbox. Users can activate Narrator by doing the following. Hold down the Xbox button on a controller until it vibrates, then press the Menu button. Press the Xbox Button to open the guide, then select: System > Settings > Ease of Access > Narrator. Cortana can turn this business on or off, too, with "Hey Cortana, turn on Narrator" or "Xbox, turn on Narrator", and keyboard users on Xbox can tap the Windows logo key + Ctrl + Enter (this is a toggle.)