Xbox Series X logo leaks: Microsoft's big change

For quite some time now, Microsoft and Sony have both been trickle-releasing new information about their next consoles. In the case of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has already revealed a lot about the machine: we've seen pictures of it, seen a list of specifications, and we've even heard about some of its features. Today, we're seeing the Xbox Series X logo for the first time, but not because Microsoft revealed it.

Instead, we're seeing it because of a Microsoft trademark listing that quickly surfaced on Reddit. The logo itself is pretty basic, featuring the word "Series" running vertically alongside a big "X." It appears that Microsoft filed for the trademark on April 16th and that filing was given a "New Application" status on April 20th.

On its own, it's mostly unremarkable, but it's just one more piece of the Xbox Series X puzzle that Microsoft has been putting together for us over the past year or so. At this point, Microsoft has revealed more about Xbox Series X than Sony has about the PlayStation 5 – while we've seen the controllers and now logos for both consoles, we've yet to actually see any images of the PlayStation 5, leaving us to wonder what the new console will look like.

Sony, in fact, seems to be taking a different approach to its PlayStation 5 reveal. PS5 lead architect Mark Cerny has spoken at length several times about some of the PlayStation 5's capabilities, most notably during a technical deep dive that was originally slated for GDC 2020 but was moved online when that event was cancelled.

Still, despite the fact that Microsoft has revealed more about its console than Sony has about the PlayStation 5, neither of them have talked about what's most important to a lot of prospective buyers: games. With both consoles slated to launch toward the end of this year, one has to hope that we'll start hearing more about games soon.