Xbox Series X gameplay reveal: Where and when to watch Inside Xbox today

It's a big day for Xbox fans, because today we'll get our first look at Xbox Series X gameplay footage. This reveal has been a long time coming – Microsoft has been hyping up this console for nearly at a year at this point, and yet we haven't seen any gameplay footage from titles that will be on the console.

This first glimpse at gameplay will come in a new episode of Inside Xbox. Today's episode is also the first in a series of monthly updates Microsoft is calling Xbox 20/20; as the company confirmed earlier this week, we'll see these monthly updates for the remainder of the year, presumably until the Xbox Series X actually launches during the holiday season.

Today's episode of Inside Xbox is apparently all about third-party developers. Don't expect to hear much, if anything, about what the various Xbox Game Studios teams are doing for Xbox Series X, as Microsoft says an update on their projects won't be coming until the July installment of Xbox 20/20.

In any case, today's episode of Inside Xbox is scheduled to premiere at 8AM PDT/11AM EDT, so a little under an hour from the time of this writing. You'll be able to livestream it in a number of different ways, though the easiest is probably just watching the YouTube livestream embedded above. It's worth pointing out that the YouTube stream is the only 4K stream for today's episode, so if you've got a 4K display at your disposal, that's the one you'll want to watch.

Obviously, we'll also see Inside Xbox streaming over on Mixer, but if you'd prefer the unique charm of Twitch chat, then you'll want to head over to the Xbox Twitch channel. Finally, Microsoft is also streaming this episode on the official Xbox Facebook and Twitter accounts, so there are certainly options when it comes to how you watch today's Inside Xbox. We'll be covering the show as it happens, so stay tuned for more.