Xbox Series X Fridge (and mini-fridge) made semi-real

The Xbox Series X Fridge is a full-sized refrigerator that looks like an Xbox Series X. Revealed just a few days ago as a meme made into a real product, the full-sized fridge was produced in a run of three, one of which was part of a contest. Now there's interest enough in a mini-fridge that also looks like an Xbox Series X, interest enough for an actual product you'll be able to purchase from Microsoft.

The larger Xbox Series X fridge was mostly a wrap sort of deal. As we saw back on the 25th of October, the Xbox Series X full-sized fridge was mostly made to play in to the joke. One was given to a YouTuber, another to Snoop Dogg, and a third to one lucky participant in a contest.

The one we're interested in today is a mini-fridge. The Xbox Series X fridge was made with a few more details that make it a whole lot more like an actual Xbox Series X – 3D-wise, anyway. This unit has an Xbox power button with LED light, an array of circles at the top that sit above a green second layer, and a disc drive that's also sculpturally accurate.

The industrial design of the Xbox Series X is such that it looks extravagant and strange when you see it presented in photographs. But up close, the shape and the detailing are such that the console is able to relatively easily hide among your home television equipment, if you do so wish.

UPDATE: Despite the appearance of an actual working prototype of the Xbox Series X mini-fridge in the video above, consumers won't be able to purchase a working unit until further notice. This iteration of the fridge won't likely be available for purchase until early 2020... but we shall see!