Xbox Series X consoles may soon be a lot easier to buy

The Xbox Series X, like the PlayStation 5, has been very difficult to find since it launched in November. While the holiday shopping season no doubt made those stock issues worse, those issues probably won't be sorted out right away now that we're into 2021. Demand will still be high for some time to come, but now Microsoft has indicated that it's doing everything it can to keep producing consoles.

In a year-end interview with Microsoft's Larry Hryb – more commonly known as Major Nelson – Xbox boss Phil Spencer touched on the stock issues surrounding the Xbox Seres X|S, saying that while launching the consoles was obviously a high point of the year for Microsoft, they're "selling out too quickly" at this point.

Hryb and Spencer both went on to note that the demand for Xbox Series X|S has been well documented – especially from the Twitter-using masses. "You and I are getting hit up on Twitter – as a lot of the members of team Xbox are that are on Twitter – 'hey I want to buy a console, I want to do this,' and it's – yeah, we know you do, we're making them and I know, Phil, you've said this in other interviews about how, you know, we're making them as fast as we can and getting them to the retailers, so we know you want them, we're doing the best we can, right?" Hryb asked Spencer.

"Yeah, you know it's – I get some people [asking] 'Why didn't you build more? Why didn't you start earlier? Why didn't you ship them earlier?' I mean all of those things, and it's just really just down to physics and engineering," Spencer replied. "We're not holding them back, we're building them as fast as we can. We have all of the assembly lines going. I was on the phone last week with Lisa Su at AMD [asking] 'How do we get more? How do we get more?' so it's something that we're constantly working on."

Spencer then pointed out that Sony is in the same boat with the PlayStation 5 at the moment, as are NVIDIA and AMD with their new graphics cards, so this isn't a problem unique to Microsoft. Still, Spencer's statement on the matter gives hope that we'll see stock catch up with demand sooner rather than later, so those of you hoping to get an Xbox Series X|S may have an easier time doing just that in the coming weeks and months.