Xbox Series X And PS5 Restock Confirmed For GameStop Today

We're running out of chances to find a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X before the holidays, but GameStop is offering hope today for both consoles. The PlayStation 5 will be first up at GameStop, as a number of stores will have consoles in stock starting immediately. The Xbox Series X will follow next week, but there are several things you need to know before you attempt to buy either console.

PS5 GameStop restock details

GameStop has the PlayStation 5 in stock today, December 17th, at stores across the country. You can check which stores have available stock by heading over to GameStop's website and downloading its list of participating stores, but The Shortcut notes that the restock is happening at more than 700 stores across 21 states.

We also learn other key details about this restock through The Shortcut's coverage of it. First and foremost, it's said that stores being restocked will have a lot of consoles on-hand – as many as 60 consoles, in some cases. As GameStop's website says, this is an in-store event, so customers won't be competing online for consoles. With that in mind, it's worth checking with GameStop stores near you throughout the day to see if any of them have available stock because there's always a chance that they won't sell out immediately.

There are two big caveats that prospective buyers need to consider before heading out to GameStop today, though. The first is that these PS5s are only available to GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro members, which runs $14.99 a year. That isn't a huge cost, but we've seen many retailers lock available stock behind subscription services, and it's always annoying when they do that.

Another thing to consider is the fact that GameStop is only selling PS5 bundles. The bundles created for this event apparently include the console, a PowerA DualSense charging station, a second DualSense controller, a $50 GameStop gift card, and copies of Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut.

When we've crunched the numbers in the past, we've found that GameStop's bundles are typically reasonably priced, but you should still expect to spend more than just the cost of a PS5 if you're attempting to buy today. Since the console launched, GameStop has almost exclusively sold PS5s in bundles as a way of dissuading scalpers from buying up all of the available stock. Of course, all of the add-on sales also help the company's bottom line, so this move isn't purely altruistic.

In any case, the fact that PS5s are only available in bundle coupled with GameStop's PowerUp Rewards Pro requirement means that these consoles may not sell out as quickly as we're used to. Even if you see this article later in the day, it's worth checking with the GameStops near you to see if stock is still available. While it might be a long shot, the chance is still there.

Xbox Series X restock details

In addition to today's PS5 restock, The Shortcut's report also reveals that the company will be restocking Xbox Series X consoles next week. Details about this restock are still slim, but it's expected to happen on December 23rd at many – if not all – of the stores participating in today's PlayStation 5 restock.

Keep in mind that the Xbox Series X restock hasn't been outright confirmed by GameStop yet, so for now, just take this as a rumor. Today's report doesn't clarify if Xbox Series X consoles will be sold in bundles, but we would expect them to be for the same reason that PS5s are sold in bundles. It also seems safe to expect GameStop to limit stock to PowerUp Rewards Pro members, too.

We'll let you know if or when GameStop confirms details of the Xbox Series X restock, but for now, expect a stock drop to happen on December 23rd. This could be the best chance many people have to secure these consoles before the holidays, so here's hoping GameStop follows through with that reported Xbox Series X restock on the 23rd. If you're still trying to secure a console for the holidays, be sure to check out our tips guide, which is full of shopping strategies to give you an edge against bots and scalpers.