Xbox Series X AMD GPU source code stolen and leaked

Although some would consider how smartphone ARM processors have become powerful enough to challenge some PC CPUs, discrete graphics cards, especially those powering extra beefy computers, are still out of reach of these mobile computers. As such, it's a very profitable and therefore highly secretive business. So when alleged source code for some of AMD's high-profile graphics processing units (GPUs) leak out, it's no surprise that the company and the Internet are making a big fuss over it.TorrentFreak narrates the events that surrounded this supposed leak of AMD GPU source codes. Aside from the fact that someone was able to get a hold of them, allegedly through someone's carelessness, the GPUs involved in this case are piquing people's interest. In addition to Navi GPU's used in AMD's Radeon RX 5000 series, the source code for its Arden GPUs that will supposedly be used in the Xbox Series X is also included.

Not all leaks turn out to be accurate but AMD waving the DMCA hammer indirectly confirms it. The company has asked GitHub to take down as many as four repositories holding the alleged source code. GitHub naturally had to comply but that hardly the end of the story.

The leaker told TorrentFreak that if no buyer of the source code comes, she will just leak everything, though possibly behind some passwords reserved for specific recipients. She believes the source code is worth $100 million but provides no basis for that computation.

For its part, AMD is unsurprisingly downplaying the significance of the source code. It said that the stolen IP is not critical to its competitiveness or the security of its products. And that, of course, is probably going to challenge hackers who'll want to take a stab at proving it wrong.