Xbox PC app is now part of the Windows Gaming test flight

Microsoft has long been trying to bridge the gap between its two gaming platforms, namely Xbox and Windows. Some have feared it would try to smash the two together but, so far, it has only managed to sprinkle a few features here and there. Some gamers are content to be able to communicate with their Xbox contacts or buy Xbox games even on their PCs. That's what the Xbox PC app offers gamers and Microsoft is making that app available for Xbox Insiders.

To be clear, the Xbox PC App itself is already available to the larger public. Of course, it's still in a beta version so it will still be changing features here and there. But as with any Microsoft beta app, there are some things that the company wants to be tested quickly by some more trusted testers and that is what it is doing now.

Microsoft Gaming Test Flight is practically the gaming-specific version of the Windows Insider program. As the name suggests, it lets testers get early access to experimental new features and apps, including things that are coming to the Xbox PC App (Preview).

That app currently allows uses to check and download new games in the Xbox Game Pass catalog as well as chat with friends on Xbox, PC, and mobile. This new Windows Gaming Flight program will focus on polishing the app's experience, including trying to reduce is memory usage as well as the size that the installer itself takes up.

The Windows Gaming Flight program also has other perks beyond the Xbox PC App. The newly announced Game Bar, for example, is also available for testers, allowing them to try out the new Widgets overlay ahead of everyone else. Of course, in exchange, Microsoft is expecting Insiders to provide the crucial feedback to improve these upcoming apps and services.