Xbox One X custom Black Panther edition raffle starts

It's a great time to be a comic book fan, especially if you sling towards a particular franchise. The success of the third Avengers film feels like a fitting tribute to ten years of Marvel Studios films. But even before Infinity War, Black Panther was already breaking records and making history. Now you have the chance to take home a piece of that legacy in the form of a custom-made Black Panther Xbox One X. That is, if the blessing of Bast is on you.

This is not a special Xbox One X edition you will be able to buy. At least not directly from stores. There will only be five of these made and the only way for you to get one is by entering and winning a raffle. Which, of course, means entering your name and address, for starters.

Should you win, you will a beautiful custom console with half the faces of Black Panther and Killmonger on both the box and the controllers. Xbox won't say if the console is made of Vibranium and we don't recommend testing it. The console will also come with a 4K copy of the film, perfect for the Xbox One X's 4K UHD capabilities.

While it's a bit puzzling that Microsoft only waited now to bring out a Black Panther edition, at the height of the Avengers fever, we aren't going to complain. We can only hope there will be an Avengers edition as well soon. Deadline for entries is on May 29 at 11:59 ET.