Xbox One Voice Commands Limited To The US, UK, CA, FR, And DE At Launch

There are a lot of gamers all around the world are seriously looking forward to the launch of Microsoft's next game console called the Xbox One. That console is set to launch in November in 13 different countries around the world. However, some fine print has surfaced that says only five of those countries will get the Xbox One voice commands feature at launch.

Fine print on the website reads:

"Xbox voice commands will not be available in all markets on the product release date. Voice commands will be available at launch in US, UK, CA, FR, and DE."

Gamers in America and some of the biggest countries within Europe will have access to voice commands, but that leaves several launch countries where gamers won't be able to take advantage of one the key feature for the console – voice commands.

Countries that will get the Xbox One at launch, but won't get voice commands, include Australia, Austria, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and New Zealand. Microsoft's new gaming console launch was pushed back a bit to allow for more localization. The localization apparently didn't extend to work on voice commands.

It's unclear why voice commands won't be available in eight previously mentioned countries at launch. It could have something to do with local languages or the ability of the machine to deal with accents. Microsoft has offered no timeline for exactly when voice commands will come to those other eight markets. It certainly isn't because the Kinect sensor isn't bundled with the console, the Xbox One always includes Kinect even if you don't have to use the sensor to use the console.

SOURCE: Game Trailers