Xbox One update lets you buy 360 games, fixes Elite Controller stick drift

When Microsoft announced that they would start making Xbox 360 games compatible with their newest console, gamers everywhere rejoiced. This means that you no longer need to keep around an old, outdated console, just to play some of your favorite games from the previous generation. There was just one annoying problem. You couldn't actually buy any of the digital titles using your Xbox One.

Yesterday, Microsoft rolled out its latest update for the Xbox One, and with it came the feature that many people had been waiting for. The ability to purchase older Xbox 360 titles without needing to hook up your old console, or hop on a PC. While it might not be the biggest change to come to the console, it's certainly a welcome one.

Other changes brought by the new update include 16-person party chat. This is great for people who have a lot of friends, and didn't like being limited to the old 12-person limit. Speaking of party chat, you'll now be able to include your friends in your Twitch streams that you broadcast from your Xbox One. Don't worry though, everyone will be asked if they want to participate in the stream. If you decline, your friends will still hear you, but your voice won't be broadcast on the Twitch stream.

There's also a new firmware out for the Xbox One Elite Controller, which allows you to fine-tune the analog sticks. This means you can go in and make sure that the position that you think is center, also matches what the controller is thinking. This should help combat the stick drift that so many owners have reported.

VIA: Major Nelson