Xbox One to record last five minutes of gameplay

We've known for awhile now that the Xbox One will be able to record your gameplay and upload those cool moves to YouTube for the world to see, but details as to how exactly that would work have been scarce so far. However, it's been revealed that Microsoft's new console will save the last five minutes of gameplay at any one time.

Microsoft Studios creative director Ken Lobb said during San Diego Comic-Con this week that the Xbox One will save the last five minutes of gameplay, so whenever you hit the button to save a video after made an amazing catch in Madden, the console will bring up the last five minutes from the time you pressed the button.

From there, you can edit the footage and upload it to YouTube. Plus, the feature works both on and offline, meaning that you don't need an internet connection to utilize the recording feature. Having this recording feature present means that the console is constantly recording your game play, and the last five minutes are saved locally to the console's hard drive, with anything over five minutes being erased automatically.

Lobb notes there are a couple of methods to access footage. You can tell the Xbox One to grab the last 30 seconds of footage and save it, or you can finish a match and revisit the last five minutes after the game is over. As far as editing capabilities go, gamers will be able to add voiceover, picture-in-picture, and even footage from the Kinect's camera.

This obviously a great feature, as you'll never have to decide when you should start recording and when you should pause it, because you never know when you'll get lucky with an amazing spin move while in game. The constant recording from the Xbox One fixes this. However, this is far less than the PS4's 15-minute record time, which will save much more video footage from gameplay.

VIA: Eurogamer

SOURCE: GameSpot