Xbox One to get screenshot capability in 2015

If you are an Xbox One owner who is counting the days until your Xbox One gets the ability to take screen shots, you have a while to wait. Xbox head Phil Spencer recently confirmed that the ability to take a screen shot won't land for the Xbox One until 2015. Many Xbox One gamers were expecting that feature to land along with the update coming in December. Spencer blames the omission on the glut of new consoles expected to be purchased in December.

Spencer said with so many consoles coming online for the first time in December that it's a "time for us to pause for a little bit" as those new machines come online. Gamers who already own a console won't be happy about that.

Spencer didn't give any indication of exactly when the feature would be added, all he said in an IGN interview was that new stuff will come next year and part of that list is screen shot capability. If you are wondering why it has taken so long for something that seems so basic to be available Spencer says that screenshots have proven more challenging than expected.

some of the things that have been confirmed to be coming in the update in November include background customization and a new What's On tab. Spencer offered no hint at when the screenshot feature would land, our money says at least a few months into the new year.

SOURCE: Videogamer