Xbox One S laptop made real, courtesy of Ben Heck

Benjamin "Ben" Heck might be best known for tearing things apart, but he also leaves an army of rebuilt, modded, and re-designed gadgets in his wake. The latest to get the privilege of being reincarnated in a new body is the Xbox One S, which Heck tore down late last year. Feeling uninspired to put it all back together again, Humpty Dumpty style, he decided to put it instead into the most portable form for a gaming console. And thus the Xbox One S laptop was born!

Mind you, this isn't the first Xbox One S "laptop" to come out of the woodwork. Just days after its launch, Ed Zarick, popular for his laptop mods of almost each console generation, already started the pre-order process for his mods. Unlike the XBOOK ONE S, however, Ben Heck's Xbone S laptop is more an endeavor of fun rather than a commercial pursuit, giving justice to the word heck hack.

And since good ol' Ben isn't exactly interested in making a fortune out of it, he wasn't too secretive about the design and construction process. He walks through the process from start to finish, perhaps leaving inspiration and ideas for those who wish to follow in his footsteps.

Of course, the entire process is not for the faint of heart and involves a few equipment not so readily available to the common gamer, like a CNC machine. There are also parts that are harder to come by than others, like an off the shelf LCD screen with HDMI input.

Like the XBOOK ONE S, The Xbox One S Hecktop doesn't have a laptop for space reasons. Which might be a shame given how Microsoft is grooming the console to also have some personal computing functionality via Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. Still, if you always have the urge to plop down and play a game anywhere with a wall socket, then such a contraption might be your perfect Xbox One.

SOURCE: element14