Xbox One March update to bring 50Hz compatibility

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 28, 2014
Xbox One March update to bring 50Hz compatibility

Shortly after the Xbox One launched, UK gamers reported issues with video quality, namely in the form of “juddering” when streaming television — the unfortunate result of television frame-rate differences. Microsoft’s console doesn’t play well with the 50Hz refresh rate (it uses 60Hz), and as a result gamers have had to perform some digital acrobats to fix the problem. With an update arriving next month, the problem will be fixed.

The information surfaced via a NeoGAF forum user, who apparently has early access to the update and posted a log of what it brings with it. Among the changes, the most notable (at least for UK gamers) is the refresh rate fix, which neutralizes the picture quality problems that result.

Until the software update arrives, gamers still have to use the work-around method, which involves going into the Display settings and telling the Xbox to auto-detect the HDMI connection. Once accomplished, the gamer needs to change the resolution to 720p, then reject the confirmation notice (select “no”). The Xbox will revert back to 1080p, and will be operating at 50Hz instead of 60Hz, solving the problem.

Aside from the compatibility changes, the update will also bring with it the ability to disable Kinect hand gestures when watching videos, as well as bringing tutorials on both voice commands and hand gestures. Users will be able to set values for volume changes via voice commands, support for optical audio will arrive, and the beta label with “Resume Games Quickly” disappears.

VIA: Pocket Lint

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