Xbox One "Launch Team 2013" consoles pop up on eBay

Microsoft's Xbox is always a lot of fun for fans of customization. Various skins and limited edition boxes tend to dot the landscape throughout the console's life, and some Microsoft employees are taking advantage with the newest Xbox. Special edition Xbox One consoles, doled out to employees in Redmond ahead of launch, are being hocked on eBay for quite a bit of coin.

The mostly white consoles, replete with white controller and black kinect, are popping up on the online marketplace. Some are listed for as much as $3,500, with nine sellers having the box on offer at the time we publish this article. The console looks to be little more than a white (and kind of silver) "skinned" version, but there is a bit more to it than that.

Just to the right of the disc slot reads "I Made This", with "Launch Team 2013" in smaller print just under it. The same salutation also adorns the center of the white controller face, so we're pretty sure we know where these came from, now. A white version of the Xbox One has not yet been made, but even if it is — don't look for it to be a copy of this one. This one is special!

The white and silver facade is slick, and you can't get any cooler than having a launch team console. Is it worth the asking price? That's for you to decide, but if you think it is, you might want to hurry. Many of the auctions end when March does, in one weeks' time.

Via: PC Mag