Xbox One Finally Gets Try Now Unlock Later Feature

Gamers transitioning from the Xbox 360 to Microsoft's current gen console might have been feeling the painful loss of one of the Xbox 360 store's killer features, but now they need not pine any longer. Microsoft has flipped the switch and now gamers will be able to try a demo of a game and then just pay later for access to the full game. Now if only there were Xbox One games that took advantage of that.

This "trial" feature was apparently an oft requested feature by ex-Xbox 360 users. In ye console of old, gamers would be able to look around the store, find an Xbox Live Arcade game they like and download it to take it out for a spin. If they end up really liking that limited demo, they can pay for an unlock code. The important part of the feature, however, is that they wouldn't need to download a full version of the game again. Definitely saves on time, bandwidth, and disk space.

That's not to say that the Xbox One didn't get "demos" at launch. It did, but they were just that, demos. As Microsoft ID@Xbox boss Chris Charla said, "there were demos and there were games". Users have clamored for fair treatment and Microsoft was willing to listen. So now the feature is enabled for the Xbox One. This falls in line with Microsoft's philosophy that a game is a game is a game, the same kind of thinking that has strangely excluded any form of filtering in the Xbox One store.

Now the only problem left is that there is currently no game that exploits this feature. Which isn't exactly surprising since the option was only activated now. Charla is confident, and gamers are definitely hopeful, that future games will take advantage of this way to entice more gamers, especially since this trial feature is being made available to all game developers.

VIA: Eurogamer