Xbox One Elite Controller demand was "totally underestimated" by Microsoft

When you create a niche product with a high price tag, it's undoubtedly hard to judge just how many units you're going to sell. You don't want to make too many, only to find out that they're not very popular. But as Microsoft found out, sometimes it's not great to make too few, either.

In a recent interview, Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela talked about the Xbox One Elite Controller. Namely, he talked about their failure to make enough of them to keep up with demand. With a price tag of $150, the team thought that it would be a hard sell for all but the most dedicated gamers. Obviously, they were wrong.

When we reviewed the Elite Controller early last month, it was already hard to find, and it hasn't gotten much easier. Capossela spent some time going around to retailers last month, and they all seemed to say the same thing, "you needed to make way more of these controllers."

While he admitted that they "totally underestimated" the demand, we can only hope that they learned from this, and will ramp up production for next year.

VIA: AttackoftheFanboy