Xbox One E3 demos were played on Windows gaming PCs

Craig Lloyd - Jun 15, 2013, 8:44pm CDT
Xbox One E3 demos were played on Windows gaming PCs

Microsoft demoed Xbox One gameplay during E3 2013 this past week, and we even got to see some live gameplay for ourselves with Crytek’s Ryse. However, it seems Microsoft didn’t actually use the Xbox One to play these new games. Instead, it was discovered that Windows 7 gaming rigs equipped with NVIDIA GeForce 700-series GTX graphics were the ones running the show.

One attendee who was able to also play around with the Xbox One witnessed that the game crashed on him and went back to the Windows 7 desktop. Another gamer also spotted the “Windows sound that occurred during the Dead Rising 3 reveal” video near the 3:14 mark. Of course, we didn’t have any proof that Microsoft was in fact running these games on Windows PCs, but wait!


Yes, that’s the Windows 7 desktop on the screen, and there’s a gaming PC stuffed in the cabinet underneath. So were we being lied to? Well, not entirely, but the truth was incredibly bent. Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore said that the games being demoed on stage were running on comparable dev kit specifications, meaning that they weren’t running on final Xbox One hardware, but rather other machines that are comparable to the new console.

Then again, running the games on a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 series card isn’t exactly comparable to the Xbox One, since the console uses AMD innards, but we digress. It’s rather interesting to see that Microsoft is using Windows 7 to run these games, rather than their newest Windows 8 OS, begging the question of whether Microsoft trusts their latest OS to perform in the heat of the moment.

In the end, this shouldn’t really be a huge surprise. The Xbox One hardware isn’t finalized, and we’re guessing if you actually played all of these new games on the Xbox One, it probably wouldn’t be as good as Microsoft wants at this point, and in order to show off the best gameplay possible, what’s a company to do but play the games on a gaming PC?

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    • Why is there a news article about it then ? Surely if its always like this they wouldnt put it in the news ?

      • Because it’s usually not so obvious as having a Windows 7 desktop show up… It wasn’t that long ago they decided on the final design… So it’s going to take awhile before they have final hardware ready…

        But all those developers making games aren’t going to wait for final hardware, they’re developing on PC’s set up to emulate the final system… and that’s something a lot of developers do as they don’t always have the luxury of having a end product to start working on and can’t waste time waiting for one!

        Besides, it’s more flexible to emulate during the early stages of development and allows for the easy development for multiple devices/environments… such as releasing the same game for more than one game console for example.

      • It’s news because people will read it. This is a pretty widely done tactic in the industry. I doubt Nintendo was using PCs though as their hardware is obviously widely available now.

      • Widely used industry practices shouldnt need proof. Game development is done mostly on PCs anyway, & this early in the game its doubtful Sony or M$ used any actual console hardware in their presentations.

        • Sony used their dev kits at e3, with amd internals, Xbox used a gaming PC with nvidia amd Microsoft?

        • Sony used PS4’s on stage to run their games. Watch the reveal. You can see them turn the system’s on and everything.

        • So..Xbox one games are running win 7 and nvidia graphics…ps4 dev kits using amd hardware with a little more ram…O! near final ps4 hardware…that 1% I was speaking of…

        • Most Xbox One games at E3 were running on dev kits and ONE developer ran his on a PC with an nVidia card and this is news? lol

          do you remember when the “Durango” Xbox One dev kit leaked…a year ago? They are out there.

  1. The return of the PC was predicted and comming to the real thing. For all person who said pc is not for tv .. all video card for gaming have Hdmi so just by a gamepad ;)

    • PC is superior to either console, but costs a bit more as well and doesn’t have quite as user friendly interface. If I could operate my pc solely with a game controller I’d plug it into the tv, but when you involve a keyboard it gets clunky.

      • I was also going to say Steam. New Big Pic like Ryan says is slick for home media center, plus it has a web rendering engine built in. You could use a media PC and have it set to load on startup

      • You know you can build a good AMD APU system nowadays for what they want in the xbox1, and drop all the DRM at the same time.

        • Well, steam’s actually flooded with DRM, there’s plenty of games that will not play, even on single player, without internet connection…. We’ve been dealing with some radical DRM in PC for a few years already, lol.

        • If you have steam, but don’t have the Internet…. why do you use steam? In that case wouldn’t you use a disc based option? I was not referring to DRM as not allowing piracy, but rather restricting all console/game type of usage for a means that you didn’t sign up for. You get steam because you download games on demand, you don’t buy an xbox or ps4 for the same purpose.

  2. Well for one, ps4 used a ps4 so it was possible for Xbox too do so within the time constraints. Also, Microsoft didn’t even trust their own windows 8! Lol! They went with Windows 7 instead. They used a Nvidia card, the same company they just scolded. You can look it up. Microsoft has no faith in their own product. And we were lied to when the guy said that the pc was comparable in specs….not even close. Microsoft has already shot itself and lost the war.

      • Xbox one allows you to share your games library with up to 10 friends. Its a killer feature and when word gets out it is gonna be a different story for the X1. Can’t do this on PC or PS4

        • Except only one friend can access your library at a time even if you and your friends want to play different games. Honestly, I don’t think it’s a lot to brag about.

        • Well I have about 60 games on my 360 (if you include XBLA titles) my brother has about 40 games on his 360, with the new system on the X1 we would both have access to 100 games (and that is only two people, you can have 10 people on your list). How does it work when you lend a disc to a friend? Can you play at the same time? No, and when I buy Titanfall my brother can start playing it on day one whenever I take a break. If he likes it and wants to play it with me, he will have to purchase it.but MS will make that as easy as clicking a button.

        • Um…with Xbox One you can share a game with ONE person ONCE and only if they are on your friend list for at least 30 days. Once you share it once, that’s it, you can’t share it again and the other person is stuck with the game, they can’t share it with anyone again.

        • Give your family access to your entire games library anytime, anywhere: Xbox One will enable new forms of access for families. Up to ten members of your family can log in and play from your shared games library on any Xbox One. Just like today, a family member can play your copy of Forza Motorsport at a friend’s house. Only now, they will see not just Forza, but all of your shared games. You can always play your games, and any one of your family members can be playing from your shared library at a given time.

          Clarified here that your family list does not have to be bloodrelatives or live in the same house as you.

          and here:

          and here:

        • I don’t know about non-US countries, or other areas, but everyone I know across 5 states and my kids and their pals at school… Never share games. Maybe buy used titles at a local second hand shop, NOT GAMESTOP. I’m willing to bet having that nice xbox live server farm has told M$ how many serials are sold vs. online accounts and I’d imagine it’s a high saturation… So the smart person at Redmond says “you know, we already have the best online product, and if Sony charges we win that war easily. Free games or not. So why not make a machine that has 10-20 innovations and helps this mass contingent get a better experience. Oh better yet, let’s leave Live the same price while we’re at it, for a better deliverable.” I’m not in the upper 60% of income either, but I don’t see many toes getting stepped on, it’s more propaganda to enrage a phantom group that appears large in the internet but in actuality stops in around 10-15% of the user base. The people you see hawking Sony, remember they hosed you on PS2 before this — so both companies will continue to serve the majority and stay true to their wallets and bottom line. The funny part is, in 10 months, both machines will be selling well, Nintendo will still be sinking, and all this is speculation at best.

        • Xbox One will only let you share your library with 10 people who have been on your friends list for 30 days or more….you can give your WiiU and PS4 games to anyone off the street who own those systems for them to play the games you lent them…

        • You are confusing two separate policies. One is referring to giving a disc based game to someone. They need to be on your friends list for 30 days and the game can only be traded once. I’m talking about their game ‘sharing’ policy where you can add 10 people to your family list and they have access to all of the games attached to your account whenever they boot up their xbox.

        • The Xbox Family sharing deal has yet to be defined and probably won’t even be available at launch. So don’t tick that box off yet.

        • Sure you can. You just kinda… you know… give your friends the disc. Unless, of course, you’re trying to imply that the Xbox One will let you and your friends play simultaneously. In that case, no, PC and PS4 can’t do that… but neither can the Xbox One. All it will let you do is digitally lend your games to friends, which, once again, is completely possible on other platforms (albeit through a physical method rather than a virtual one).

        • So you do understand what I’m talking about but you can’t acknowledge the benefit? What about sharing games with friends who live across the country? What about the fact that when I buy a new release my friends all have access to it whenever I’m not playing it?

      • Dont forget to mention that playstation is doing the exact restrictions xbox is doing (Minus First party games, of course)

        Third party games (The bulk of games) are ALL up to the developer. Just saying.

        • I think nearly 10 million people really missed that at the conference. It’s brilliant actually, M$ just pulled a GoT move, is pleasing Princess EA in bed while keeping the other devs on the side.

    • They were saying none of the games at the show ran on a PS4, likely just another kit emulator and runtime.


        • Except the fact that they used Nvidia GTX 700 series cards in the Xbox so called “dev-kit”. A card that is easily 5x more powerful than the AMD HD 7790 in the Xbox One.

          A dev kit is supposed to have identical hardware to the final product, with the exception of more RAM for debugging and logging purposes.

        • You do know that when emulating hardware that you always use a system more powerful because emulation always has overhead that reduces performance?!

          Otherwise you end up with performance below the target system and that’s not good for either developing games for that system or demoing it at a show!

        • Dev-kits are supposed to have similar, if not identical hardware to the final product. At this point in time, you shoulnd’t be emulating the hardware when release is at most 6 months away.

        • Dev-kits can only have similar hardware if there is similar hardware for them to use!

          Less you forgot, the XBox One is more a custom design than the PS4 and that means you have to use emulation to start development on it now!

          This is the opposite of what happened with the last gen, in which it was Sony that used the more proprietary system design with PS3 cell processors!

          And again, when you have to emulate then you have to use more powerful hardware than the end system hardware to compensate for the overhead caused by the emulation!

        • You have to weigh the benefits vs risks. Say you make a proto xb1 or ps4 and it dumps… Now you failed E3 and tanked your holiday pitch(BTW you don’t have a job project manager of that fiasco). Or you can polish your display (you know like concept cars do) and show the same system running on different hardware because if you aren’t familiar — VMs run the same instructions as the encapsulated hardware in the image. So the gfx would proc like a 7790… If I log in to a MIMIC server and run cisco commands on a 2920 Catalyst Router, it acts like that router… but i’m talking to a connection to code in a block image on a server somewhere, connected to nothing like that. I think despite the flipping out, MS will be fine, they are pretty savvy about not digging in to pitfalls, or adapting if things go south. I just hope Sony is actually going to do more than what they showed — their set was sleepy as far as new blood. New games aren’t worth a new 400 dollar system, when they have a minor gfx bump.

        • Long as you run the system on cloud, its going to be exactly (Well, better actually) then the one showed at E3

        • Do you know what card was used in the PS4 kit? Cause even Sony pres. said they didn’t want to “show too much” and display the PS4 in action.

  4. Oh man just gets worse for xbox, If you going to demo games on your new platform at least run it on the platform.

    • I believe it was a Forbes article that called this ‘the latest nail in the XBone’s coffin’. This POS money grab is stillborn. MS should cut their losses and just cancel it before release – like they should have done with W8/RT.

  5. S H E N A N I G A N S ! ! ! —– I call shenanigans!!!

    PS4 demos were all on official Sony dev kits (last known to have 8core AMDs, AMD graphics, 8GB running Sony’s own OS) and Microsoft should have done the same (last known to have 4core/8thread Intel i7s, Nvidia graphics, 8GB running W7). It’s a bit surprising they’d upgrade to the latest Nvidias for E3, instead of going with dev kits the games were designed for, but they probably thought they needed to compensate for Intel’s crappy chips to put on a good show.

    What’s a bit concerning is how far behind in development Microsoft is with the XBone if they haven’t even switched to the AMD chipsets and W8 OS they plan on using. Every game will need trouble shooting and tweeks on either that set-up or actual XBones long before release. If not, you could have a rash of crashes and quirks like seen on the hacked dev kits Microsoft used at E3.

    As an aside; Sony has always produced their own dev kits, custom through and through including OS, while Microsoft just slaps together retail products and available OS to call it a day – regardless of the hardware and software needed. The result is Microsoft is only capable of half-azzed games and graphics compared to Sony’s finessed products running through maxed OS and hardware. They do it right; Microsoft’s a half-azzed company that does everything wrong.

    • Sooooo, Windows 7 isn’t Microsoft’s own OS? If it’s not, tell me what it is. Second, remember the launch of the PS3 and the 360? They used Mac Pros. Both.

      • Why Use Windows 7 when new Xbone uses windows 8? Windows 8 Been out long enough for the devs to have it and get used to it. No because it has the same problem as the xbone, rushed out pile of junk that they force onto people. The best OS Microsoft has done was windows 98 since then it’s down hill with quirks and bugs they try to fix as they go. Xbone will be the same!!!

        • Just because you saw 1 company using windows7 doesnt mean everyone is using. Also, probably those machines were given (or they just bought it to install devkits) by microsoft before the release of windows8. Remember these games were in development for at least 1-2 years and windows8 was release 8months ago only. troll more.

        • Windows 8 has only been on retail sale for 8 months, Ok so you saying Xbox One was designed using windows 7 OS and only 8 Months ago was Switched to Windows 8 then?

          No it was designed to run from start on windows 8 and the dev kits would have or should have been supporting the new OS. This shows how Rushed out the console is either way you look at it.

          1. Xbox one was going to use W7 but change late on to W8 but dev’s sent out kits with windows 7?
          2. Designed with W8 but due to failings they had to use W7 and higher performing PC’s at E3

          RUSH RUSH RUSH PS4 coming we need a console out there quick Idea’s anyone lol. Go Back to your Microsoft Bubble and be happy, whilst rest of us play games without so many restrictions

        • clearly your just a hater. there so many ignorant statements in your messages that i really don´t even care to discuss. Go learn the basics of software engineering and technology first.

        • Just a hater search Lillypaw on gamertag with 36k and that my second, when I switch from 20g 360 to 250g yep played a lot and spent a lot with Microsoft so excuse me for being annoyed over their new rules

        • If you really keep up on this and don’t believe everything youtube tells you… You’d see that this is Sony posturing. M$ might be greedy, OK is greedy, but they’re not dumb. EA games are the reason for this “sharing”. Notice how EVERY interview has a quiet omission at the end that individual devs can make their games tradeable if wanted? That’s cause they just saved a cool load of cash from EA to help with DRM, get to offer games like Madden with no $10 online code, and still get the other devs. in their pocket. Look at Sony, this is the PS2 gfx all over… Pretty skin, no frames underneath — They have no system worth mentioning (Oh, they charge for multiplayer and have a fb button ohmigosh!) — PS4 will sell units, but when you have to step up and perform and you have more hits on a dumb spoof commercial, well that shows where they are — stuck in the mud. I know in business if I can only show my company off by demoralizing my competition — I won’t be in business long. It’s been proven.

        • That’s Sony is outselling the Xbox World Wide, they not Demoralizing Microsoft! Microsoft is Demoralizing itself. 25+ Year Gaming and they want to change the rules now and they expect us to roll over and tickle our bellies whilst the other hand rips open our wallets? NO They want DRM on disc based games they can keep their console. They want us to have Camera and Mic on 24/7 they can keep their Console (Yes it’s always on!!, If you can turn it all off why can’t it be unplugged?, 1 They don’t want it unplugged….. 2, Bad Design….)
          Digital Download DRM I’m fine with, I digi download and I’m happy I own that game forever, But Microsoft says no I don’t own it, I’m only longer term Renting? Switch servers off and good bye games!!!
          Now add in the Overpowered PC rigs and Windows 7, you have to ask, is the Xbone Ready or is it just being pushed out the door like windows 8 and they will repair it once they have your cash.
          Both will play games Xbone has a lot of features the normal Joe won’t use where Playstation for me looks the better console.
          Don’t even go Near PSN+ or XBL, 6+years XBL 2 Kinect games free and 1 crappy film. Hardly ever a sale and then it only matches retail price.
          Bought Vita already have Uncharted, Rayman, Sine Mora, Ecolbrium and Cliff Diving Free!!! that’s about £60-70 free stuff this month and the cost of a years membership £39.99. So I’ve got another 11.5 months to go of freebies and already in profit. When PS4 comes I get freebies on both for the same price Double bonus and if I pick up a cheap PS3 I get 3x. Yep PSN+ a really bad deal NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I’ll agree with you Publishers Like EA are the true Villains here and no matter how much we hate one console or the other both are going to sell.
          Been Xbox since the first xbox had 2 xbox 360 20g I bought off my mate after him having it 2 weeks (Paid him in full btw and he got ps3), then got 250g 360 with Kinect and I don’t think anyone can argue Kinect is crap what it can do Wii does it better.
          I’m not however going to be told when, where and how i’m going to play my games. I’d go back to PC gaming before I would accept that, thankfully Sony isn’t forcing 24 hour checks or the All seeing Eye etc and that’s why I’m buying PS4. If they Force DRM on used games I’ll 1. buy less games and 2 make sure the games I do buy are ones worthy to stay in my collection like Forza, Skyrim, Dark Souls CoD (though getting old now, Woot for dogs)
          I Tend to find the best games are often Cross Platform games anyway so exclusives won’t stop me buying one or the other.
          But when Don comes out with statements like if you don’t have net or poor quality, we have a device it’s called 360. Sorry you arrogant fool, I’m ok whilst at home but if I changed jobs again and was away I might not have Net or most likely won’t, so no xbox one gaming? Then you can Keep the xbox one!!!

        • I do play games without restrictions on the real Windows 8. Better than the PS4. With less restrictions, I don’t have to pay for on-line on 90% of games.

    • im my point of view microsoft is almost ready to rock while sony has nothing. did you see the interface?? sony seems to be months or maybe an entire year behind microsoft. the point that they used pcs to demonstrate changes nothing. probably sony only used ps4 AT STAGE which i really doubt because all demos seems like video streaming to me and not real videogame playing. Also doubt all those companies demoing games had that many devkits available for the show. hence they are virtually PCs, no reason to not bring a pc too.

      • I see your reasoning; Because Microsoft is a complete screw up, than it’s competitors must be too.
        Heard that when Microsoft revealed it’s internet requirement, resales tax and restrictions on games, and always spying Kinetic accessory requirement. But when the PS4 rolled out, they made the point that they’re not complete screw ups in every way like Microsoft with all the attendees cheering and all the journalists saying “checkmate”. The price difference the icing on the cake.

        • Well Said Microsoft said Screw the Customers, We Turned around and said NO Screw You, Sony said we ain’t doing any of that! Hmm and Sony has lots of new stuff the reports state all over the NET the Dualshock 4 is the best controller, for starters. Hmmm What’s Microsoft added HMMM Magnetic Triggers and Rumbles in Handles (Yep great idea’s). Sony has improved Rumbles and a More Xbox Shape Controller (yes they coping xbox shape with their own twist). But comes with a Multi touch pad and if you listen to DEV’S like Blacklight Ret, They really happy with the touch pad as that gives them all the buttons they need to make it a great game like pc has the f1 f2 keys, the pad gives them that freedom of key’s. THAT’s Dev’s Talking not us consumers and if dev’s that happy with it then I can’t see why we won’t. Not to mention it’s motion tracking and light bar for health etc. Yep Nothing New in Sony at all NOT!!

      • Champions typically don’t need to put down their competition, seeing as how they smacked them once already. You notice M$ came to play at E3, not worry about the second place team? There’s a reason those looked like streams, it’s because the controller and plastic shell on the PS4 is the big innovation. The ‘4’ is a 3 with slightly better hardware! Wait that is a great idea, -says the people who designed the Nintendo Wii-(gamecube clone). Only thing that sold that clod was motion gimmics, Sony has NO NEW HW….. Except.. wait for it…. a facebook button WHHOOOO O_o

    • I wish I could start screwing up and do everything wrong… and end up a multi billionaire. Tell me their secret when you finger it out…

    • Also, let’s not forget — they all went AMD to save money, not for performance. A good Haswell Machine owns each console in order like a multiple execution

  6. I’m not surprised at all by this – it’s basically standard practice. It does however serve to illustrate Microsoft’s continued hypocrisy when it comes to PCs and video games. It is deeply ironic that, if you asked Microsoft, you would have a hard time even getting them to admit that PCs are ever used for AAA gaming. Selling Xbox’s for a living apparently causes you to have a selective memory in that regard.

    • You know when the Xbox came out (the first xbox, not xbox one) Microsft didn’t discontinue direct X. If what you said is true, they’d re-apply their efforts to xbox only dev. UNLESS… They acknowledge different markets PC game.

      • Continuing to support DirectX is the bare minimum Microsoft could do, and their efforts there aren’t only to support PC. Xbox also utilizes DirectX, and I’d venture to guess that that really is the main reason Microsoft continues to develop the APIs.

        The preponderance of the evidence points to the conclusion that Microsoft has either ignored or refused to support the PC gaming market. They’ve refused to release any more Halo games after the second on PC, despite the PC’s arguable superiority when it comes to first-person shooter games, and the fact that they fully own both the Halo and Windows IPs. PC gamers have lost out because, for Microsoft, selling Xboxes is more important than doing something to benefit consumers.

        There’s other examples: their Games for Windows Live was horrible to use and extremely heavy on DRM. At this point it hasn’t been updated for 2(!) years, despite the fact that games using it are still widely played. They’ve made ridiculous comments about consumers only wanting to play games in front of TVs in their living rooms, pretending that no one plays on keyboard and mouse or in front of their computer. Etc, etc.

        • You’re forgetting the number one reason they ignored them: money. There’s no money in PC gaming, hasn’t been in 10 years. Aside from WoW, and a small handful of other franchises, steam is the only thing to hit PC gaming in a long time. But you would also know that with game development, they still have no reason to use direct X on PC if they have trashed it — it isn’t feasible. The Xbox does not use the same code, because direct X are x86 libraries and the OS on the Xbox is not x86. The PC gaming market has become a niche environment, and with the advent of people breaking copy protection much more since the days of Origin and Interplay making games, it just isn’t financially responsible to make PC games. They are possibly the second sloppiest programming company, but easily the greatest in marketing of the IT era. They built the xbox, because they knew a compact one piece system running pc-like games was the future. They even lost money the first few years of xbox original on the hardware, because the comeback is everything. Why develop Halo for PC, when it will be pirated, and price reduced in a small 6 month window — when they can continue selling it at 20 still today in some HD bundle pack. (a basic upgrade on a PC). Why worry about fighting the YMMV clause to gaming for levels of performance, when you can easily control the atmosphere? Last time I checked, the numbers don’t lie, the console’s revenue have far outpaced the computer games, even in their heyday.

          I mean, why would someone use the skills they get paid good money for to do work for almost nothing on the side, especially if the side work wasn’t family and those customers were wealthier?

          Capitalism is what you hate, so you might as well extend your laundry list to a lot more than MS.

  7. Let me see…Xbox hardware is x86, had dedicated GPU, HDMI, Memory, and USB. My PC has x86, dedicated GPU, HDMI, Memory, and USB. The Xbox one is a “dedicated” PC so I don’t see the issue. And I agree with other folks that have posted here that both Sony and MS development kits are used at these shows. Not the actual hardware until the hardware is GA.

    • Xbox One runs an AMD APU which is just a CPU + GPU packaged into one chip. It will be running a HD 7790 GPU. The GTX 700 series card they ran in this so called “dev-kit” is easily 5x more powerful than the 7790.

      • What is your point? In the past when have games been shown and then when then console is released it is a degraded graphical experience? I can’t recall that moment in time.

        • When in the past have “dev-kits” had GPU’s more than 5x as powerful? Please enlighten me. Dev-kits have ALWAYS had the same hardware CPU-GPU wise with additional RAM for debugging/logging purposes

      • Does a youtube video running on my HD4000 platform not stay the same on a geforce machine? As long as it can run at 60 FPS on mine, I can clock down and FPS lock the Geforce to 60. So you’d have no idea…

  8. Nvidia 700 series? It was probably an i7 cpu too. It’s like a WiiU demo getting busted with a ps4 down below

  9. You see, writing like this is why we have propaganda. You are clearly pro ps4/Wii in the article.

    On another note, windows moved all of it’s OS’s to the same kernel and core for easy development. Windows 7 was more than likely used because it has been around longer and is more stable, plus a lot of these games probably started development before Win8 launched.

    As far as the Nvidia cards go, if the X1 has the power of a new 700 series (plus 3 more in the cloud?) under the hood, power will not be an issue on it. They more than likely used them because they are the strongest thing on the market right now. The X1 hardware isn’t complete and may have just finished getting ready to produce. They probably didn’t have enough to use.

    Again dude, don’t write swayed articles. Don’t do was the rest of the media does. Just giving friendly advice to help you write better. Lay people don’t know industry standards, and can turn something into a mess in a hurry.

    • But you’re forgetting a major issue about the graphical inclination of the gtx700 series vs the radeon 7790. It can massively out put more, thus making it SEEM like the graphics are stunning. Why not have the WII U’s demos have I7extreme liquid cooled and over clocked with Triple SLI GTX Titan cards in it? B It’s a blatant lie and they got caught with their pants down.

    • Plus it should be mentioned… these consoles get a 7790 chipset, sure.. but your consumer card caps at 2 GB of DDR5, the 360 had 12 GB of DDR3 on the video bus… This thing might load up 32 GB on the card… that isn’t for sale.

  10. They ran it on pc’s because the Xbox One probably can’t even run games yet. MS probably didn’t have it ready so used a pc instead. Well done, idiots.

    • Ok, the next time you have a project at your job and set a dead line of Nov 1st, if your prototype isn’t ready for live launch 6 months in advance, I guess you’re an idiot too. If you have some new technique to rush development and somehow overcome every hurdle to magically crap out a gold nugget early everytime, mayhap you should consider re-writing the PMBOK (Project Management Body Of Knowledge) and pick up some extra cheese on the side

      • Think we hurt your feelings never mind Xbox Has something for you, Well will watch you at least, new baby sitter and all.

  11. Dev kits are PC based. 360, PS3, Bone, PS4 — doesn’t matter the console, the games are developed, tested, and most often demoed on PCs accurately emulating the console environment. It’s particularly useful for demos given the actual control and flexibility offered by Windows.


    Those with IQs greater than three digits.

    PS, don’t like one or both of the new consoles? Don’t buy them and stfu either way. Breaking news: every single launch console will sell out, both companies…

    • I very much doubt you or anyone else you’re referencing has an IQ greater than 3 digits, considering the person with the highest recorded IQ has an IQ of 190. Now off you trot, window licker!

    • While you are correct in stating all dev kits are pc based. They’re all computers either way. The issue is when you put more advanced hardware in it to demonstrate then what the consumer will get, you are showing off something that doesn’t actually meet what was promised to the consumer at the demonstration. Why didn’t they actually use dev kits instead of insanely over powered systems? The GTX 700 series cards run $399+. If $399 was the video card cost, the system would run around $6-700. That my friend, is the issue.

      • Pretty simple, you always need more performance than the target device in order to emulate it!

        Emulation involves a lot of overhead that impacts performance and makes it much harder to provide a level of performance unless the system is much more powerful than the target device!

        The only way around that is to use actual equivalent hardware and not emulate but apparently they don’t have anything equivalent ready yet. So they resorted to emulating instead!

  12. If the Xbone is not finished I suggest they scrap it and start over because they hve already lost with it.

  13. What frustrates me immensely is the fact that they then go around demoing on pc hardware and then release “xbox exclusive” titles when they are more than capable if releasing it for PC gamers as well and (given the hardware similarities) the Ps4 (new Remedy game being a good example) . Same goes for ps4 exclusive games. Share the love guys – stop trying to box people into a corner and pretty much put them in a position where they are forced to buy a console if they want to play a specific game. And yes, some might say “you don’t have to play the game so nobodies forcing you”. Not the point – what happened to choice? But hey -not a big surprise that these companies don’t really care about gamers (although they can’t stop saying that they do) – all that matters is money… and if that means boxing people into a corner and limiting choice…so be it.

    • You should take some solace in the first media day that laid down the critical titles on the X1 mentioned PC on 2/3 of the new titles.. Titanfall was one of them

  14. The dev kits have been out there for a while now and coming from someone who has worked with servers and desktops for over 15 years, you don’t just upgrade an OS “to the latest” just for fun on a critical development system.

    I finally got around to upgrading my dev PC’s at work to Windows 7 back in February and they will stay that way for probably 5 years. This is not news.

    • Sony has underwhelmed in coding, strategies, and developmental ingenuity since 1999… From the advent of their “low-mem modelling of large WAD files and low render skeletons” to the stitched together OSes reminiscient of a DVD menu… It should come as no surprise that people raised on the sequel machine are amazed that people don’t program on Vaio PCs and pray to Sony before each day…

  15. All I can Say is the Microsoft PR team must be on some right overtime, trying to show the Xbox One, good sides, or should I say side.

  16. LOL, you just know this console is going to be a DRM-stuffed piece of garbage. Why do you think everyone I know, including myself, have already pre-ordered a PlayStation 4?

  17. Game journalist said yes but not for all booths and also sony did the same for some and both also did that before many years.Its common to shows cause as they said like ign or rev3games journalists, the games are produced first from a powered Pc and then port to consoles.This is just a presentation of what you will see at the final systems.

  18. This makes it seem like you could run hack software to run Xbox One games without the console.

  19. So, if those games are running on Windows PC’s? Why they made some games “exclusive” to Xbox One since consoles are far inferior in terms of graphics (not offending console players, I know the reasons that people play on consoles)?

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