Xbox One “cheaper” model coming in 2014

Chris Burns - Jan 31, 2014
Xbox One “cheaper” model coming in 2014

Another source has stepped forward with information about an Xbox One model that may very well be appearing later this year with a price that’s ever-so-slightly less expensive than the current singular model. This release would suggest that Microsoft has some wiggle-room when it comes to delivering a fully immersive experience with the console by taking out a few less-than-necessary components.

Just this week we’ve heard more rumors about the Xbox One than we’d ever care to fully publish, but one bit stuck out: the idea that more than one Xbox One would be released this year. This bit of data was suggested by the same leakster that suggested Halo 5 would be released in 2015, and that a Halo 2 Anniversary Edition would arrive by November 11th of 2014.

It’s with this source that we were to understand that a $399 disc drive-free version of the Xbox One would maybe, possibly be released. Today we’re hearing from a source VG247 trusts implicitly that a new Xbox One will be released by the end of the year and that it will be priced under the current $499 USD.

It’s unclear at the moment what this pricing change means, but it does seem to stick that the model out today will retain its pricing come heck or high water. Maybe a version with a slightly smaller bit of internal storage is up for grabs? We shall see!

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