Xbox One apps incoming

Chris Burns - Feb 17, 2015, 10:13am CST
Xbox One apps incoming

Apparently the Xbox One doesn’t have enough software yet. It would appear that the next wave for the platform is to open the doors in a big way for developers, reaching out to these developers to get them to bring all manner of software to the device. Developers are said to be able to run beta apps for the Xbox One community in the near future, and Microsoft will bring a Software Developer Kit (SDK) to developers in May in preview mode.

Word of this push by Microsoft comes from a source familiar with the matter speaking with The Verge. Microsoft seems to be pumped up about engaging the rest of the world for new apps, according to this source, while currently the Xbox One platform is relatively limited in its scope for software other than games.

It’s not that there’s not a lot on the platform for apps, just that the apps that exist on the platform right now are from a few select developers. Looking at the apps on Xbox One shows how carefully the apps that are there have been selected.

With Windows 10 on the way, it’s only right that Microsoft would introduce this new initiative right on the coat-tails of that big release. Stay tuned as the full bucket of water is dropped later this year.

No word yet on how Kinect will be involved or whether or not additional support will be given for the Kinect with Xbox One apps. Developers are fairly free to do what they want with Kinect for Windows on the PC.

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