Xbox One and PS4 will hit 100m units sold each says DFC Intelligence

A new report has surfaced from a company called DFC Intelligence that is looking at the market for the PS4 and Xbox One game consoles. The research firm predicts that both consoles will reach the 100 million units sold mark. The research firm is predicting major growth in core gaming.

DFC has increased its revenue forecast for the game market to $77 billion for 2014. The company had predicted the game industry would be worth $68 million last year. DFC believes that by 2018 the game industry will hit $96 billon.

That will put it within a hair of the $100 billion milestone. The increased revenue forecast is because DFC says that the core gamer will be spending more money than ever. The prediction for the Xbox One and PS4 to each sell 100 million units is significant. So far, the only console to reach that number of units sold was the original Nintendo Wii.

If DFC's prediction is accurate, it will be the first time that two competing game systems have reached that sales number. The predictions do include presumed price cuts for the game console, but DFC analyst David Cole says that those price cuts won't come as quickly as gamers hope. He expects pricing to hold steady for the most part.