Xbox October update brings night mode and 4K dashboard to all

October's Xbox update is here, and while it doesn't include a ton of new features, the few that it's shipping are big ones indeed. Chief among the new features in this update is the new 4K dashboard for Xbox Series X. Early adopters have been waiting for this feature for months, but it's not the only notable feature included in the October Xbox update.

Microsoft explains that before this update arrived, the Xbox Series X dashboard and menus (including the Xbox Guide) were rendered in 1080p and then upscaled to 4K. While that might look decent enough, it's no replacement for a proper 4K dashboard, and that's exactly what we're getting today. When you connect your Xbox Series X to a 4K display after applying the update, you'll see the dashboard and all of its parts rendered in native 4K, with Microsoft saying that game art and buttons will "have increased sharpness and improved text readability" as well.

Joining the 4K dashboard is another long-awaited feature for Xbox consoles: night mode. After entering testing back in August, Xbox night mode is ready for prime time. Xbox night mode will allow you to dim and customize the display in addition to the Xbox button on your controller and the power button on your console. You can even turn those buttons off entirely if you wish.

While night mode is going live across all Xbox consoles today – Xbox One, One X, Series S, and Series X – the new-generation consoles are getting a customizable blue light filter as well. Players will be able to set a schedule for night mode, and any settings will be automatically applied to games and apps. You can find night mode settings in Settings > Accessibility > Night mode or Settings > TV & display options > Night mode.

Finally, the October Xbox update rolls out a new Quick Settings menu to the Xbox guide, which will let you toggle certain accessibility options on and off without having to leave games and apps. So, in that sense, it sounds like Quick Settings will see the most use in multi-user households. The October Xbox update is going live today, so be sure to download it and take new features like night mode for a spin.