Xbox Lynx body spray will have you smelling like a pro gamer

No, we haven't traveled back in time to April 1. We are, instead, looking to the future of gaming. E3 2019 is coming next week and gaming companies are revving up the marketing engine ahead of the big gaming event. Microsoft will probably take the cake for this partnership with Lynx, known as Axe in other markets. And if that name has you thinking of body sprays and body washes, then you're in for a scented treat with Xbox-branded products of that exact kind.

Don't worry, you won't be smelling like a freshly unboxed Xbox One console, though some gamers might actually want that. Instead, the Xbox Lynx product line, which is composed of a body spray, shower gel, and deodorant, are simply that: Xbox-branded products. In all other aspects, they're pretty normal Lynx products.

So what does the Xbox Lynx smell like? A mix of scents from everything green apparently. That includes green citrus, kaffir lime, winter lemon, notes if mint and sage, and " woody bottom notes of patchouli and clearwood". Whether that's your thing or not is an entirely different matter but Microsoft would probably have gamers believe it's the perfect scent to be bathed in before some serious gaming.

Of course, that's just an appetizer for E3 but, ironically, it won't be launching until after the event. The Xbox Lynx will launch in July in Australia and New Zealand. No word yet if you'll be able to smell the same things in other markets.

What fans will be on the lookout for will probably be some scent of a new Xbox console. Sony and AMD have been playing up the hype around the next PlayStation and Microsoft is likely to drop some hints next week as well.