Xbox Live is still down: Here’s what we know

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 19, 2019, 6:13 pm CDT
Xbox Live is still down: Here’s what we know

The Xbox Live service went down around 5PM ET for many players, resulting in reports and acknowledgement from the Xbox team. Via its Xbox Support account, the company said that engineers are working on addressing the issue, but that there’s limited info to share. An hour later, the team said it is still investigating the matter involving error code 0x87DD0006.

Microsoft’s online gaming service Xbox Live is experiencing an outage across its core services, the company’s status page reveals. This impacts the core features like signing into or creating an Xbox Live account; Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox on other devices, including Windows 10, are all impacted.

In its initial tweet acknowledging the matter, the Xbox team said that it had limited information to share — the limited information essentially being that engineers are aware of and are investigating the issue. In its second tweet on June 19, Xbox Support said the investigation continues and that more info will be provided in the future.

Though Xbox users can play games offline, any title that requires Xbox Live will remain unusable until Microsoft restores the core services. As of 7pm ET, the Xbox Live status is listed as ‘limited,’ and the company says it ‘believes’ it has found the problem preventing users from signing in.

Xbox players can sign up to receive notifications in their Microsoft account regarding when the core services are restored. The sign-up option is available on the Xbox Live status page with both Xbox Live message and text message notification options.

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