Xbox Live Indie Games unofficially comes to Windows Phone

The "Indie Games" section of Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 has become very popular among everyone from hardcore gamers to people who whose favorite game is Angry Birds. In the most recent update to the Xbox 360 Dashboard, the Indie Games channel receives even more prominence, showing that Microsoft really likes this section of content. On the software giant's other Xbox Live platform, though, a.ka. Windows Phone, there is no such initiative.

So a bunch of independent game developers have teamed up to create Xbox Live Indie Games on Windows Phone for themselves. They have collectively created an app called the XBLIG Companion. The app scours through data feeds on to find all independently developed Xbox Live titles. Users can use that list to find the best games available, and then through the Windows Phone platform's built-in integration, they can beam downloads of those games to their Xbox 360 from anywhere.

This slight difference highlights that even though there is an incredible amount of connectivity between a Windows Phone and an Xbox 360, they are two completely different ecosystems, so changes to one will not necessarily be reflected in the other. Nevertheless, it has given Microsoft a big head star in the niche market of mobile-to-console connectivity, a market that Sony will be jumping into very quickly now that it has complete control of its mobile division, which used to be jointly owned by Ericsson.

[via Joystiq]