Xbox Live Gold weekend starts Friday: 360 for USA and Canada

Chris Burns - Feb 13, 2014
Xbox Live Gold weekend starts Friday: 360 for USA and Canada

Supposing you’re one of the massive number of gamers out there with an Xbox 360 that’s also one of the (comparatively few) that doesn’t work with Xbox Life Gold, today is another one of those weekends where it’s your time to shine. This weekend begins at one minute after midnight tonight for the latest Free Xbox Live Gold weekend for Xbox 360 users exclusively.

Throughout the entirety of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – that’s the 14th (for Valentine’s Day, no less) – through Sunday the 16th, Xbox Live Gold is free. This is regardless of a users Xbox Live subscription status. Everyone will be able to work with online multiplayer gaming of all kinds, Video Kinect, and the entire library of entertainment apps offered by Microsoft.

While some apps do still require that you subscribe or purchase them before you play multiplayer, even on top of this free bit, there’s one whole heck of a lot of entertaining bits you’ll be able to get your hands on without a penny being dropped.

It’s not clear at the moment if this deal includes the “Games with Gold” inclusion that brings a free download of Dead Island through the 15th, then starting on the 16th a download of Toy Soldiers: Cold War. Have a peek at the games in the market and see if they’ll cost, and if they don’t, have at em!

This weekend’s Xbox Live Gold marathon is good in both the United States and throughout Canada. Everyone outside North America will be straight up out of luck – enjoy!

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