Xbox Live Games with Gold reveals final batch of games for 2020

It's almost hard to believe it, but the final month of 2020 is nearly here. As we prepare to close the book on this crazy year, Microsoft and Sony are going to have one last round of free games to give out through Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus, respectively. Today, Microsoft revealed just what December's Games with Gold titles will be.

As always, there will be four games on offer in December. However, despite the fact that the Xbox Series X/S are now on the scene, there are no games for either of those platforms in the lineup. It looks like we'll have to wait until Xbox Series X/S get more of a backlog before we see titles for those consoles included in Games with Gold.

In any case, the four titles that are up for grabs this week are still playable on Xbox Series X/S thanks to backward compatibility. There are two titles available for Xbox One: The Raven Remastered and Bleed 2. The Raven Remastered will be available throughout the entire month of December (December 1-31), while Bleed 2 will be available beginning December 16th through January 15th.

This could be one of the rare instances where the Xbox 360 titles on offer are more notable than the Xbox One games. The first Xbox 360 game up for grabs in December is Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, a standalone expansion for Saints Row IV. Then we have Stacking, an adventure puzzle game developed by the folks over at Double Fine long before the studio became part of the Xbox Game Studios lineup.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell will be available from December 1-15, while Stacking will be available during the second half of the month from December 16th through the 31st. All in all, it's a somewhat quiet month for Games with Gold, but after the year we've just had, maybe a little quiet is good.