Xbox Live Games on Demand sale coming next week

If you're an avid Xbox Live user, and prefer the convenience of downloading games instead of going to the store to buy them, you're in luck. From February 26 to March 4, Microsoft is holding the "Ultimate Game Sale," where they'll be discounting a handful of popular Games on Demand titles, some of which are 85% off.

However, not all the games that will be on sale will be offered the whole time. In fact, Microsoft will only be offering a different set of titles each day, so it's something where you'll want to check back each day to see what's on sale. However, there's a complete list of games that will see discounts throughout the week — over 60 games total.

The list of games is actually really respectable. Most of them are AAA games, including Assassin's Creed, the Batman Arkham series, BioShock, the Borderlands series, Call of Juarez, the entire Call of Duty series (except the first one), Dead Island, Fallout 3, several Halo titles, Left for Dead 2, and Max Payne 3.

Larry Hyrb (a.k.a. Major Nelson), the head of Xbox Live, will be posting about all the new deals on his Twitter feed, so be sure to follow him if you want exhaustive and thorough updates on the sale. He notes that Xbox's Ultimate Game Sale only happens once a year, so if you're even remotely interested in getting some great games at a discount, it might be worth checking out.