Xbox Live founder leaves Microsoft

This week the founder of Xbox Live and XNA has announced that he's leaving Microsoft. This will end Boyd Multerer's 18-year run with the company, and begins "something new" for the developer and gaming leader. This departure has nothing to do with the recent DDOS attack during the holiday break. Multerer is "super proud" of his work with Xbox, Live, and XNA, and will likely move on to another gaming-related piece of work in the near future. Code-related, he says in a Tweet.

"Not ready to say what that new thing is..." says Bolterer, "but OMG is writing code every day and exploring ideas fun!" He's not said a whole lot else in the recent past on his future, having left a blog entry only this July and a wave of retweets and location-based chat since then.

This departure should not be seen as a "death bell" for Xbox Live or Xbox One or Xbox in any way shape or form. One single player in this game does not make the entire platform – not by a long shot.

Instead, the only thing you should be worrying about as a gamer is what Multerer will be doing next. Perhaps joining forces with another smaller gaming company to create a new exciting system for the future of cloud gaming? One could hope!