Xbox Live Experience revealed

We've been anticipating the arrival of the Xbox Live Experience for quite some time now and while we have seen bits and pieces of it, this is the first time we're getting an official look at the updated service. 

You will be able to create super customized avatars that reward both casual and hardcore gamers. While there has been some skepticism over whether or not the new "Experience" would ostracize hardcore gamers in favor of the casual player. But the consensus seems to point to the new system being generally accepted.


The avatars are definitely notable, as they are an attempt to compete with the notable Mii avatars from Nintendo. But it takes that idea one step further and instead of just getting achievements from games, you can also get new things like clothes and accessories to add to your avatar. There's a greater social aspect to the Live Experience, as well.

No date for release has been announced yet, but rumors point to November.

[via Crave at CNET]