Xbox Live app now available for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has just released its Xbox Live app for Apple's iPhones and iPads, shortly following its release of the Windows Phone 7 version and its announcement of rolling out the new Xbox Live Dashboard today. Although not as extensive as the Windows Phone 7 app in being able to fully control an Xbox 360 console using the app, this iOS version does allow you to access plenty of Xbox Live features.

The iOS app is called "My Xbox Live" and features a sleek Windows Phone 7-styled interface. Through the app, you can change your 3D avatar's appearance, edit your Xbox Live profile, read and send messages to your Xbox Live friends, as well as keep track of your Xbox Live achievements.

The interface is split into three main categories of Home, Social, and Games. On the Home screen you can access news and videos, such as featured stories and trailers, while the Social screen is where you can interact with your friends, send out beacons, and edit your avatar.

The Games section lets you browse through games you've played along with your achievements, but unfortunately, you can't actually play any games directly from the app. The app is available free from the iTunes App Store.

[via Kotaku]